Thursday, July 15, 2010


This summer has been one of transition.

Coming and going. Strengthening relationships and saying goodbye. Leaving the family that I love so dearly, the town I was born in, the church I grew up in.

It is a bittersweet season. Painful to say goodbye to sweet friends, precious family. Yet so much hope for an amazing year away at college.

Fear about homesickness, making friends. Excitement about all that God has to teach me, learning and growing in classes, and meeting all of the people God has called to be in the class of 2014 with me.

It's a summer of transition, but the Lord does not change. When the shadows of doubt or the moment of sadness when I think of leaving, He brings me back to HIS GRACE, GOODNESS, and FAITHFULNESS.

This summer of transition is the first step of an exciting journey.

Lead me on, Lord.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


No two mission trips are the same. Every experience is different. Different challenges, different lessons, different emotions.
But at least for me, there's always that familiar ache. Every trip, every week, every time. That ache deep in my heart.

It misses Guatemala, misses the people, misses seeing everything in Spanish. Aches to hear the sweet voices and giggles and feel the little hands around my neck again.
No matter how much you prepare yourself the ache is there. And I think it's a part of serving our brothers and sisters in Christ. There is a deep connection and devotion that is established when serving the Church abroad.
It's beautiful. And as my heart aches, I will praise Him for the sweet time I was given and focus what is to come.