Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Wanderer at Rest

Starting with a poem, because it sums up my heart better than any other writing I will do. 

We are all wanderers, filled with joy and great peace
Our Rest, carried with us, rooted in our souls, great and deep. 

The place where live made of wood, brick, and stone
Is just merely, that, it's our temporary home. 

As we wander our way through the chaos of life,
For the lists of "To-do's," my God will suffice!

My Rest is always with me, whether at home or on the move
Giving peace and joy to my weary soul, that my life might bring glory to You.


This summer, the Lord has been teaching me a lot about finding rest in the craziness of life. My soul has been restless and tired this summer, feeling out of place in this phase of transitions, and longing to feel at peace in the midst of traveling and busyness. On multiple occasions, I have looked at our calendar for the summer and felt like I'm drowning, overwhelmed by the places to go and things to do, followed by a long year at school. 

A divine appointment occurred on Sunday though, when I was talking with a good friend at church. We were both discussing our busy summers, and she mentioned how she just doesn't handle the busyness very well. She gets tired, emotional, overwhelmed, and stressed. My heart echoed her thoughts and feelings, as this is how I have felt for much of the past month. As our conversation pointed back to Christ and the Gospel, she said, "I just have to remember that my peace and rest goes with me." That simple sentence has stuck with me all week as I've pondered our omnipresent God. He is always present, wherever we go, not only His presence but His gifts to us- joy, peace, rest (among others). We can be restFULL wanderers, instead of restless people. 

And really, we as Christians are all wanderers. This earth is only our temporary home, and we are called to lay down our lives and pick up our cross, surrendering our earthly comforts for the eternal riches. This means that I do not have to be in our apartment for my soul to be at peace. This means that when Spencer and I have a hundred miles to travel and 6 people to see in a matter of days, I can be at peace and joyful, because the Lord's hand is on me. All of the tasks that I feel need to be completed are at the mercy of the Lord, and if they don't get done, then it was not on HIS agenda, and it will be okay. 

Such simple lessons that have a huge impact on our lives, marriage, and relationships. 
Praise be to God for His patience in teaching me these lessons over and over again!

I'm a Mrs. now!

I'm a Mrs. now! Done with wedding planning, getting settled into life, and back to blogging! My heart has been overflowing with thoughts and I can tell I am way over-due to get back to writing. I'm trying to decide if I should start a new blog or stick with this one.......thoughts?