Saturday, November 7, 2009

My brain is full....

I just got back from a Beth Moore conference. Simply amazing.

My heart is refreshed and encouraged.

And my brain is full with everything I've listened to in the past 24 hours!! So full, in fact, that a post about what I learned isn't possible.

Maybe later.... after my brain has had time to process.

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Audrey said...

Hi Molly,

So for my piano recital I'm playing that Steven Curtis Chapman song about orphans "All I really want" and my teacher said that I could show a slide show of pictures. I'm going to have some families with their adopted kids as well some waiting children and impoverished kids. I'm emailing all the adoptive families to see I know if they would mind emailing me some pictures and I was wondering if you wanted to send any pictures from the orphanage in guatemala. I would LOVE to have some if you can, but I totally understand that that might not be possible for the sake of protecting the child. my email address is thanks!