Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making changes....

I spent the past 5 days at the National Student Conference in Evansville, IN.
I came back feeling so incredibly refreshed and very challenged all at the same time.
I spent hours in workshops, and then spent the afternoons journaling, writing poetry, and reading the Word. The Lord met with me. Encouraging, convicting, changing, growing me.
Because of this, I am so burdened to allow His hands to make changes.
Never do I remember longing so much to be molded by Him.
My heart is yearning to be the woman that He wants me to be, not the one that the world tells me to be.
I am asking Him to come and shape me into the daughter, sister, fiancee/wife, friend, student, worker, servant that reflects our Creator.

First up- I went through my blogs tonight. Kept the ones that the Lord is using to grow me, and deleted the ones that I just read for fun. Less time on the computer= more time in the Word.

Tomorrow- Update my bank account. I had done really well at logging everything I spent money on. But recently...well....I've just been a little busy. Spain, wedding planning and stuff, ya know :) But when I don't keep an eye on what I'm putting my money to, it's so easy to spend it on things that I don't need instead of putting it towards things that God needs me to put it to.

Little by little, change is coming as the Lord's gentle hand moves in me.

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