Wednesday, September 28, 2011

248 Days

In 248 days, I will be a wife. Sometimes, it seems like it's coming so soon, and other days it feels like forever away. Today it seems so far off. Yet I'm thankful for this season of preparation, of patience, of intentionality as we grow closer while still balancing life and school. I could not be more blessed to be the girl in these pictures. I still look at them and marvel at what God has done.
I love you, Spencer, and I can't wait for June 2! :)

Thanks to Leigh Ann Smart for doing these gorgeous pictures!


julie t said...

What a Joy it is to watch two people in love carry on, enjoying the season of Engagement as much as you two. And all the while, you're also so busy investing in the lives of others. I think that's why you enjoy the process so much. God works this way, giving back above and beyond to those who give so much out.
How blessed Spence is, but how blessed all of us are to be "gaining" not only sweet Molly, but your precious heart. So thankful ! Love you,

Carrie said...

If you haven't seen this youtube video already, I thought you would def want to watch it...I just posted it to my blog's about the closing of adoptions in Guat, and if I haven't left a comment already I am very excited about your upcoming wedding too!