Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We had to put our 7-year old dog to sleep last week. Chloe played quite an important part in my life. 
In 6th grade, I made a powerpoint presentation for my parents explaining why we should get a dog. My main reason? I was lonely. I had prayed and prayed and prayed for us to adopt, and it wasn't happening. My heart was bursting with this maternal love that longed to take care of a child. Since it was apparent that adoption was not in our future, I figured at least a dog would be able to keep me company. So I started praying for a dog! I distinctly remember singing "Your Grace is Enough" at a chapel service that week, and crying as I surrendered my loneliness and hurting heart to the Lord. Without adopting, without a dog, without lots of friends, His grace would be enough. The Lord was graciously allowing my young heart to grasp the beauty of the Lord and the completeness that He gives us. Nothing in this world, no relationship, no object, no experience will compare to the surpassing greatness of knowing Jesus. However, after hearing my heart and watching the powerpoint that I'd put together, my parents finally decided that we could get a dog. 

Just like my mom predicted, she ended up taking care of Chloe even before I'd left home. Just as I had feared, Chloe did not fill the gap in my heart to care for the orphan. She was just a 95 pound Golden Retriever who wanted to eat, sleep, and play. But the Lord taught me huge things through this sweet dog who never did learn to fetch. First, my parents showed me selfless love. My mom did not want a dog at all, but they knew that this was a huge thing for me, and so they put aside their hesitations and agreed to live with a dog for the next 7 years- for me! Though this is a small sacrifice in comparison to many in this life, it was one that impacted my young heart. Secondly, I learned that even when dreams are fulfilled, we must pursue Jesus still. Fulfillment and contentment does not come from things of this world. 

So, as we say goodbye to Chloe, I remember the Lord's faithfulness portrayed to me through one of His creatures. 

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MSTauteur said...

Thanks, Molly, that was a nice eulogy to give our silly Chloe. Katrina did all the hard work and didn't even like her and I was the one who was able to enjoy her and I never did any of the hard work.

I read somewhere that 'do pets go to heaven' was one of the more frequently asked "theologically" questions. I suspect the neo-gnostic and the really pious of us would say no pretty quickly.

I'm not very pious, at least in practice, and I'm not (I hope!!) neo-gnostic so I would have to say, and this will shock you, that I have no idea!

thanks again for remembering Chloe and pointing out the the inability of anything here to (totally) satisfy us except our creator and redeemer.