Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quickly Approaching...

It is already April 13. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

And that means...that summer is almost here! :)

I have mixed feelings though about summer this year.

I'm excited to get into a work/free time routine, spend time with friends, and do a bit of traveling.

But it also makes my time here at home short. Very very short. I leave on August 25 for school.

That is almost 4 months away.

So with summer quickly approaching comes the all-important, annual list of goals.

Each year there are some goals that stay the same, and I always end up adding to the list as I go. My perspective is a little different this year though. Jesus Calling talks frequently about how God has your whole day planned out. I spend so much time planning out my day and what i'm going to do it's ridiculous. My mindset is always completely transformed after being reminded to prioritize what HE wants me to do with my time. It is often the opposite of what I want to do with my time.

So I've started praying about what HE wants me to do with my summer. And He's faithfully started directing my thoughts.

SO I thought...why not start writing it down now while i'm thinking about it? And maybe you, bloggy friends, will have started your goal/priority lists and we can share ideas! :)

Here we go...

1. If I do nothing else this summer I want it to be continuing to delve into the Word daily.
2. Read 10 books! I've asked my parents to give me 5, and then I will choose 5 of my own. I'm skeptical as to whether or not I'll be able to do this....i procrastinate with reading. BUT. I really want to try.
3. Keep excercising everyday!
4. Take a class (preferably online) about photography, how to use the settings on my camara. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations please tell me!
5. Keep up my Spanish.....praying on how this will take place. Besides going to Guatemala (more on that later!!!! God has been abundant in His provisions!) :)
6. Invest even more intentionally in my brothers, family, and friends.

I could keep going with the list- but then I make too many goals and get discouraged. So these are my top 6!

What goals are on your list for the summer?

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