Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If only!! :)

I babysat those two adorable boys again last night and as usual, Grant was just precious when I put him to bed. I totally understand now why bedtime is the best time of the day for all of you mommies out there. We'd just finished reading books and I was tucking him in. He started gently stroking my hair and talking with me. How cute is that?!! The sweetness and innocence of a child was so obvious in that moment! I didn't want to leave!! I finally pulled away and as I walked down the steps i thought to myself If only I could go to college to get a degree in Wife and Motherhood!!! That's all I want to do anyway!!! What a degree that would be?!! lol! Ahh... someday!! For now I can just love on all of these other kids!! :)


Sherry said...

When I was in school they called that an M.R.S. degree. LOL! It is so sweet that God has surrounded you with little ones to fulfill your mothering instincts. Keep living in the moment! - Sherry

Sharon said...

Well the degree I am getting (Early Childhood Education) really helps you understand a lot about children and informs you on ways to teach them things they need to learn. Although it is geared toward becoming a Early Childhood teacher, I am learning so much about children and their development. Most of it will help me when I become a mom, someday. Aren't you planning on getting an Elementary Education degree? Or maybe I am getting you mixed up with someone else.

Molly said...

No you're right on! For now, at least, the plan is to do Elementary Education. I've heard alot recently about Early Childhood Education too which sounds really neat. So we'll see what happens! :)