Friday, July 24, 2009

The Day I Let Go

I had a huge burst of inspiration from the Spirit the other night and I wrote a couple of poems. This one is the very first and only poem so far written about Claudia since my last trip. I have tried so many times to write about my experience leaving her, letting her go. But I hadn't been able to until 2 nights ago. So here it is..... a window to my heart. I think of her all the time and lift up prayers to the Father on her behalf.

The Day I Let Go

One of the hardest days I'll ever know
Is the day I had to let you go

I cried and cried and cried some more
I'd never known such sorrow before.

My heart was breaking, my spirit pleading
For the mercy of God to spill over and save.

My mind relives those last moments with you
I could see in your eyes that somehow you knew.

As I read in the Psalms I see promises of hope.
I cry out to God, wonder how I will cope

If you never come home, if you stay there forever.
If your giggle, your smile are tied with a tether

To the mounds of paperwork, the decision of a judge
The laws of a government that is holding a grudge.

I long to hold your hands again,
To whisper in your ear that this isn't the end.

To tell you once more how you've captured my heart
To tell you how I fell in love from the start.

Forever and always you'll be the beginning of my passion
Forever and always my beautiful inspiration.

There's a hole in my heart that's just waiting for you,
How I pray that it will be filled one day soon.


Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing your heart Molly!

Melinda said...

Praying that you and your sister WILL be reunited again ( I call her your sister because in your heart, you are sisters). We have no way of understanding God's plans or His timing, but we can hold firm to the promise that His way leads to hope. Praying for you!