Friday, July 24, 2009

Two Girls

This next poem was written shortly after my parents began pursuing this adoption/foster care journey. I still feel that somewhere out there, I have a sister. I have felt this since I was a little girl. Perhaps she will only live with us for awhile. Perhaps it is Claudia, who may never be released from Guatemala. Perhaps the Lord has some sweetheart somewhere else, who hasn't been revealed to our family yet.

2 Girls

Child, Orphan, and very best friend
Faithful and loving to the end

Sitting alone, tired and scared
Silently asking if anyone cares

Daughter, sister, and very best friend
Faithful and loving the end

Sitting culed up, praying with passion
For that girl who's alone, needy for attention.

Two different girls in this big, big world
Two different girls waiting for God's plan to unfold.

One with a burden, one who is hurting.
One with a family, one who is waiting.

Will God bring them together, only time will tell.
Will move the mountains and heal the little girl's heart as well?

They'll hold onto their dreams as they whisper their pleas.
They have hope to be united, of being a family.

Daughters, sisters, and very best friends,
2 girls faithful and loving to the end.


Sharon said...

Wow, I really like this one! One day both of these girls will be together!

Annie said...

That is so beautiful, Molly!

Elle, Audrey and Alyssa said...

Thank you so much for your willingness to share the things that you're trusting God with. Thank you for the reminder that I am not not not in control even when my feelings tell me that I'm right, the Lord is perfect in his plan. I met a little boy while we were in Ethiopia and I have allowed myself to be convinced that he is my earthly brother, but in truth, I don't know what is the best place for him and I don't know what the Lord has planned for my family and I. Anyway, thanks for the reminder, and please pray for me and Abraham as I lift up you and claudia.