Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Word

Our world is FULL of instruction books. A manual comes with every little thing we purchase. Our bookstores are stuffed with books on every aspect of life, how to live, and how to fix problems. Don't get me wrong- there are many wonderful Christian instructional books out there. I have learned MUCH from these authors and the wisdom they have chosen to share through their writing. Sometimes, though, it's easy to get lost in these. Our hearts desire easy instructions, a plan of action for every situation. As I thought about future plans for college and began to panic about how I will ever know which way to go, I wanted to find a book about discerning God's will. When I was struggling with relationships this week, I wanted to find a book that would tell me how to handle it, how to fix hurting hearts. A couple of times this week I just wanted someone to tell me why life is so hard. But the truth of the matter is, life is full of bumps in the road. Life is full of tears and full of fears. There will be moments of panic, of doubt. But through it all, there IS a book sitting right by my bed that holds answers. I memorize passages from it, I soak up the words as I read it. Why don't I turn to it more often in times of confusion??? The very words breathed from the omnicient God are at my very fingertips yet I looks for other ways to find peace, security, and rest!!!

Tonight as I read through the beautiful Psalms, I realized I don't need to look farther than this. Does God say in these chapters: "Molly- do this. do that. You need to work on this aspect of your life." Nope, he doesn't do that. But He does give precious, invaluable words of wisdom in the pages of the Bible. I'm thankful for this reminder tonight. I'm thankful for the hope and rest that I found as I read the beautiful words. There is no need to go to bed with an anxious spirit, but I am free to sleep with a quiet heart, knowing that although parts of my life are spinning, the Rock is steadfast beneath my feet.

"For the word of God is living active, sharper than any two-edged sword."
Hebrews 4:12


Sharon said...

This is so true, you would think we would read it more often. It has everything we need to know, yet we won't even study it as often as we should. What a good reminder to do so!

MSTauteur said...

thank you for the beautiful poems, Molly.

I was reading an article on the way up to Wisconsin and it said the most frequent command in the Bible is......Fear Not!!!

Obviously hard to obey, but that command is grounded in God and HIS character and not in our abilities; nor in a Pollyanna-ish and unscriptural view of God making life easy or free of excrutiatingly difficult circumstances.

thank you
your loving Dad