Friday, March 12, 2010


How is it....

That this face still grips my heart just as much as it did 2 years ago?

How is it....

That I still cry and smile, all at the same time when I see her.

How is it...

That I'm approaching my 3 year anniversary of meeting this incredible girl.

Claudia, I still wake up everyday and see your face on my bedside table. I still pray everyday that someway somehow you will have a family. I'm so sorry that in 3 years nothing has changed and you're still in an orphanage. It breaks my heart to the core.
And if you ever read this someday, thank you for putting on your brave little smile for your pictures every month. It means the world to me to see your beautiful smile. I don't think I could bear it if you weren't happy. Keep sharing your smile and infectious smile with everyone you meet.
Te amo mi amiga,

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Audrey said...

She is beauitful- and so big!