Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dios es fiel

Dios es fiel- God is faithful
Before I left, my mom asked me if there were any specific prayer requests I had that weren't obvious or that I'd talked about already. I told her that I was really praying that God would bring about many opportunities to utilize my Spanish. Well, our first work day here, and God certainly has provided.
I stood with my dad and the head workman here at the orphanage talking yesterday. He is a short little man, but I have always felt as though he towers over me. He gives directions, isn't afraid to give constructive criticism and instruction, and he has always pushed me to speak more spanish (which was a blessing in disguise as it made me get out of my comfort zone and speak).
This year, he and I have really conversed alot, and my dad had called me over to help translate. They had started talking about this man's family and how many children he had. This burly man opened up to us and showed him his broken and tattered heart. He shared of his 3 children, 2 who died years ago. They lived in a dangerous, underground home with no sunlight for years, working hard to provide for their one remaining son. Eventually, they were able to move out of the city and here to this smaller town to work here at the orphanage in construction.
I was holding back tears as my heart broke for this man. How many of the other people I've seen and talked to have a story like his? We are all so bruised.
The story didn't end there, though. His son is very intelligent, and works with electrical, technology, and computers. Because they moved here, he's been able to work during the weeks and attend a university to be trained in computers.
This man couldn't stop listing off all the good things he has. All the good things God has done.
He continued to speak of how God graciously provided. This man's heart is loyal to His God, and it was so beautiful to see.
I looked out at the mountains, remembering all God has done thus far and at the end, all I could say was Dios es fiel.

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