Friday, October 15, 2010

No Limits

I have learned incredible lessons since going to college. It has been one of the most stretching, challenging, awe-inspiring, faith-strengthening, and joyful seasons of my life so far. I feel so incredibly blessed that sometimes all I can do is cry tears of gratitude to the Lord for being so gracious and generous.

One of the biggest themes of the past 2 months has been learning what true faith is. God has shown me that I had put limits on Him. I knew that He was capable and willing but I was willing to settle for less, pray for less.

But He surpassed all my expectations and desires for college and left me standing absolutely in awe of His greatness.

I have had the sweetest times of prayer and reading the Word with my sweet Savior. He has been slowly making me examine my heart. As I take classes and plan for the next few years of school a vision for my future is slowly forming and it is exciting.

The following is a poem I wrote not too long ago as I pondered what God's calling on my life is and how I am to prepare for it here at school:

I feel a calling and a purpose, a hope for something great.
I have a hope and a desire, an ache to find a place.
Where my passions and my time will serve a hurting world.
I know, I trust, I believe that God has something good.
I want to see a hurting people turn to Jesus' face
I want to see the orphan child wrapped in a warm embrace
I want to serve while speaking Spanish, talk of hope and faith and love
I will go where God will send me, serve by strength from above
I pray I'll find a Godly husband, who I can love, help, and serve
We can embark on this together, this call to orphans on the earth.
I have a vision of a picture, a group underneath a tree.
They are white, black, brown, and yellow, from near and across the seas.
They've had sorrow, pain, and sadness but Christ has set them free.
Together they are healing to become a family.
Someday I hope this picture hangs right inside my home.
I trust in God's plan fully as He leads into the unknown.
Something I've spent alot of time thinking and praying through is how to merge my passion for orphans and adoption into the college life. it is so easy to get frustrated with the use of time and money, the skewed priorities, and lack of concern for anything outside of college. I am NOT saying this is true of every college student. BUT, in general, it is just natural for us college tsudents to get wrapped up in our classes, social lives, and activities. And it is hard to focus on huge ministry things like the orphan crisis. I still haven't figured out great ways to do this. But I think what the Lord has shown me is to seek His face. Growing in my relationship with Him is going to be the first step to hearing, knowing, and following the call He has on my life for after college.
As you can tell from my poem, my heart's greatest desire is to someday be "mommy" to lots of kiddos. From all around the world :) I don't know how and when and where but I truly believe that's ultimately what the Lord is calling me to. However, I know that He has given me this season in order to prepare me for what's ahead- and I am thankful! Because I still have so much to learn!
So I am rejoicing in this time. Thoroughly enjoying in new Christ-centered friendships. Learning more and more about my Savior. Delighting in the little ways He "romances" me everyday (another post on that to come soon hopefully! Our bible study has been on how the Lord romances us and it has been so good for me!). Studying hard and learning all I can. Looking forward to what He has ahead for me. Living by faith, trusting that our LIMITLESS God will do miracles!

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Melinda said...

You are so wise beyond your years Molly! I hope your college years will be a fruitful time of preparation as you grow into the young woman Christ needs you to be. I'm anxiously waiting to see what Christ does in your life and how he'll use you next. Our hearts will forever be bound by the love we share for the orphans in this world. Praying we both can make a difference!!