Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kisses from Heaven..

Have you ever had those experiences or those moments where you're like, "This was just totally from God." It's one of those times when He does something, sends someone, or shows you something that just touches your heart- right when you need it.

Well today I got one of those (and of course forgot my camara! For real, it sits in my purse ALL WEEK and I don't use it. Then when I need it I happen to not have it!). And fyi this story might not make sense to anybody lol but it was important to me so I"m going to blog about it haha.

I was pushing Hannah (my little cousin) in the swing at the park today. Her laugh is IDENTICAL to Claudia's and while I love love hearing her sweet giggle it pierces my heart everytime. So I've been missing my little Guatemala girl alot this week and my mind was on her alot today and it was making me feel a little sad. I was being silly as I pushed Hannah and she kept giggling at me. My thoughts turned again to Claudia and as I silently prayed for her I looked out at the GORGEOUS blue sky. It was incredible. I said, "Look Hannah, isn't the sky pretty?!!" She looked straight up to the sky and said, "Yes!! And look!! There's a rainbow!!!" I thought she was kidding. I looked back out across the field and didn't see a rainbow. She said again, "Molly look! There IS a rainbow up there!!" I looked straight up into the sky and there it was- a perfect rainbow.
I wanted to cry. How beautiful for God to give me a rainbow just when I was feeling discouraged about Claudia and wondering what His plan is for her. Rainbows represent HOPE. HOPE of redemption, a greater plan. God has a HOPE and a future for my Claudia girl and I know that I can rest in that fact. Even when I can't help the tears that slide down my cheeks when I think about her. Even when I question this journey with her thus far and His will for her life. Claudia has HOPE, the orphans have HOPE, we have HOPE through Christ. Praise God!

I truly believe that God delights in delighting us. He loves giving to His children and He loves blessing them. I think that He loves demonstrating His love for us. That rainbow lasted only 5 seconds. But it was enough for me to get His message, "I see Your heart. I hear Your cries for this girl and for all the others. I LOVE you, my precious daughter. I LOVE you more than you know, more than you can ever comprehend. Rest in that fact. Rest in the HOPE that you have through me."

It's easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of life. It's far too easy to forget to watch the sunset, forget to smell a flower, forget to admire the gorgeous blue sky or the puffy white clouds. It's far too easy to forget to hug your family good-bye, to remind someone you love them. It's far too easy to miss beauty, and to miss kisses from heaven.

Has God given you any "kisses" recently?? Has He blessed you or brightened your day in a simple yet meaningful way?? I want to hear about it! :)


Melinda said...

What a sweet comfort that rainbow must have been to you! God certainly hears our heart cries, doesn't He?!

I would have to say I feel God's "kisses" each day when I feel those precious kicks from a baby I wasn't supposed to conceive. God is SO good to His children!!

Katrina said...

Hi Molly,

Oh how I JUST love it when God meets us with a special demonstration of His love like He did with the rainbow! In those moments He boosts our faith and assures us that He hears our heart felt prayers and feels our pain.

I remember one day when I was out for a walk, feeling a bit sad, praying and longing for His presence when out of no where a bright beaming ray of sunshine burst through the tree I was walking beneath and shone right upon me!

He is so kind to meet us in those special ways and encourage our hearts!

I love you my Molly Girl!

XOXO Your Momma