Friday, October 30, 2009

Very well

"Porque yo sé muy bien los planes que tengo para ustedes —afirma el Señor—, planes de bienestar y no de calamidad, a fin de darles un futuro y una esperanza.
Jeremias 29:11

Does anyone know what this says?? Come on all you Spanish speakers. There's got to be somebody out there...

Okay I'll give you a hint. It's my FAVORITE verse.

In Spanish, there's 2 verbs that mean to know. The first is conocer. Conocer means to be familiar with, or acquainted with. For example, you would use it in the sentence: I know of an excellent Italian restaurant. The second verb is saber. Saber means to know facts, information, or data. You would never use it to say that you know a person, or you "might" know how to crochet. Nope. Saber is when you REALLY know something for sure.

So, in the translation for Jeremiah 29:11, they use the verb saber. For I know the plans I have for you. Except in Spanish they say "Porque yo sé muy bien los planes que tengo para ustedes."
Muy bien means very well. For I know very well the plans I have for you.

God knows very well, for a fact, set in stone, without a doubt, the plans He has for us. I loved studying the translation of that and I love how they emphasize just how secure His plans are. It brought me such peace to rest in the fact that my life is in His hands.

So much of my future is out of my control right now. On college admissions desks in 3 different states. My heart so burdened to GO somewhere and serve, yet knowing I am a student right now and that is not where He's leading me. Trying to take control of these plans God has for me is futile. It only creates stress and discontentment.

How much better to rest in His arms, lean my head upon His shoulder and saber, know, that His plans for me are good and perfect. For He knows very well what He has for me.


Sharon said...

Amen is all I can say to that! LOL! Thanks for sharing that translation! It's wonderful that God knows the plans for us cause we sure don't!

Audrey said...

Molly! I'm glad you updated! I was starting to wonder where you were! :) Happy Sunday!

Katrina said...

Hi Molly,

That was really neat! We share the same favorite life verse and now I understand it more fully than I did before. Those word studies are so enlightening!

Love you!
XOXO Your Momma