Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just ONE...

I have read some very convicting, thought-provoking blog posts this past week and my brain and heart can't seem to get caught up.

I feel like I have let the Lord beautifully break me this week. He has brought me to tears more than once, and then has reminded me that there's more. I have found myself convicted, challenged, but not despairing. Rather, I feel like there is hope.

A Place Called Simplicity, Sharon's Page, Hope Now, I Am One, and The Oatsvall Team have all written about the orphans and changing the world. ONE child at a time. Through prayer, sponsorship, fundraising, adoption.

There were moments during my time with Jesus this week that I could hardly bear sitting in my warm, comfortable basement. Living my life of plenty. Living my life of comfortable routine. Knowing there's a team of kids from my town down in Guatemala serving the orphanage. I was like, "Lord, WHAT am I doing?!!! WHAT am I doing with my life?!"

And I really don't know. Again I am stuck at this place where there's not alot I can do but wait on the Lord and serve Him here. I think this is where the majority of American Christians are right at this moment. We have jobs, families, homes, mortgages, kids, friends. And you know what? That's OKAY. Really. We're really not all called to go and live in some foreign country. Granted, some people are. But I really do believe that God does call some to stay here and work and raise a family. After all, who else is going to parent the orphans that come home from these foreign countries or foster homes? And for us teens, we have a part here too! We are called to care for these children as well. One at a time. We can pray, we can sponsor a child (which is so rewarding), help fundraise for an adoptive family, or even help our families adopt.

And so....I don't have profound quotes or thoughts. But only the reminder that I am ONE person. You are ONE person. BUT we are part of ONE BIG church. Who serves ONE BIG GOD. And together, if little me and little you each pick ONE child. Just ONE. And the church joins in?

Well that my sweet friends will be ONE big revolution. One BIG change to get the 143 million into families.

Will you join me?

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Annie said...

Yes! That makes TWO now that can change TWO orphans lives with the help and for the glory of ONE Almighty Savior! :)