Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shirts for Shoes

My Crazy Adoption is selling Adoption T-shirts and Tom Davis has partnered with them. Every t-shirt you buy gives an orphan a pair of shoes!!! Kari Gibson and her family are AWESOME. I met them 2 summers ago right after they'd brought home their sweet Zoie. Their hearts and souls are passionate about Ethiopia, adoption, and orphans.

The last day to buy them is February 1 and they will get here in time for Valentine's Day!

So....$25 for a really cute shirt with the "Simply Love" Ethiopia theme. 2 different styles, in men, women, and children's sizes.

Support an orphan.

And wear them on Valentine's Day to show this great LOVE God has poured out on us.

You in? Me too! Click on the link below to order one!

Be My Valentine


Sharon said...

Yea!! I got one too! Wow you got to meet the family? Very cool! I love their blog!

Audrey said...

Ijust ordered one for my friend for her birthday!!!

Julie said...

Molly, Thanks for your words. It's been so long since I had any time to be online and I"ve not come to your blog in, too long. It is hard to even try and wrap our brains around what is hapening in Haiti. It is events such as this that remind us just how limited we are in knowledge and understanding and such. Fortunately we serve a God who is all knowing and all capable. love you....julie