Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Now i can laugh about it...

So transferring to a new school has proved to provide some rather humorous moments (now that they're done). At the time, I thought I might melt into a puddle of tears. Thankfully, now I can laugh at the fact that I...

1. Had no schedule until the 3rd day of classes.

2. Attended the wrong Health class, added my name to the roster, and received a syllabus before realizing it was the wrong one. Upon realizing this, I winded my way around campus to find the location of the correct class, arriving 30 minutes late and making the teacher walk all the way to the back of the classroom in the middle of the lecture to hand me a syllabus. At least everyone will recognize me now- even it is as The Girl Who Couldn't Find Health Class.

3. The next day, I showed up for my Lifetime Fitness class only to find the gym completely empty besides 2 elderly women power-walking. This is not my class. Thankfully, a kind fellow in the office explained to me the idea of "Second-block" classes. My class does not start till March. Now I at least know where my class will be held!

4. There's nothing like walking around the perimeter of the campus only to find out the building was right next to your previous class. Yaay for burning extra calories!

5. Finding out the frozen yogurt machine is broken should not be a disaster. But after a long day, this piece of news nearly created a meltdown. Thankfully, I remembered the dark chocolate I stashed away in my dorm room.

6. While going to study with a friend in a different residence hall, I accidently went to the wrong one. By the time I'd circled the 2nd floor 3 times looking for her room I began to wonder what was going on until I realized I was not even in the right building. I now know what nearly every residence hall looks like!

7. -Hi, I'm Molly and I'm a transfer student. What's your name?
-Hi nice to meet you! I'm Shelby.
-Awesome! I've met a lot of Shelbys here. What's your major?
-Nursing. What's yours?
- Spanish......i'm so sorry but I already forgot your name.
Meeting 50 new people in a week will do that to your brain.

8. And nothing beats coming back to your residence hall after your first long day of going to the wrong classes only to find that you are unable to unlock the door to your dorm room. Yes, it's the right key. Yes, it's the right room. And yes, it is the right building. My hands just simply cannot coordinate themselves to unlock the door. So instead of putting the phone down, I simply drop the keys on the floor, and fighting back a rush of tears tell my mom through the phone, "I CAN'T GET THE STUPID DOOR OPEN. AND I JUST WANT TO GET INTO MY ROOM." About that time, my RA comes out and I am now very embarassed. Thankfully, he gives me a short tutorial on how you have to pull the door back and turn the key to the right. Thank you, Mr. RA, from saving me from a good, long cry in the middle of the hallway.

So now, you have all read the most embarassing and humorous moments of my transfer experience. It has been so wonderful, and I am so thankful. But every experience comes with it's moments, right?!

What are some of your college stories?


Audrey said...

hahahahahaah! I can totally see how those would be so stressful in the moment but funny in retrospect. No college stories yet from me, but I am SURE I have no problem embarressing myself enough for any number of blogposts. :)

juliethomas said...

Oh my I don't know how I missed this until just now, honey, but I laughed and almost cried, just reading it. I of course hate that you had those moments, and YET, I'd bet that now, having some distance (and yogurt and good chocolate ) since then,you can see that it prob just created even more dependence on Him, didn't it? And as to your question of college storied, hmmmm I am sure I had many "moments" just like yours...but a "lowlight" if you will, that stands out is, having to move home for a wknd, while they got the ROACHES out of our 7th floor dorm floor! That was pretty awful. So glad you're now a seasoned resident, and prob know every inch of that campus by now...love ya Jule