Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Less is More

I've done alot of organizing and labeling, cleaning and purging over this break. I love doing projects like that. Having my things in the right place, neat and orderly, makes me feel like life is under control. It's obviously not true because I am not my own, and I have a God who gives me breath every second of the day. But sometimes I manage to convince myself I have some measure of power. I learn so slowly.

Anyways, we emptied out my old dorm room yesterday in order to move it all to my new school this weekend :) At first, I was really looking forward to getting all of my things spread out, and, you guessed it- reorganized. But as the boxes kept piling out of the van, and the items kept coming out of the boxes like Mary Poppin's carpet bag, our basement floor began to look like a tornado went through it. STUFF. MATERIALS. EVERYWHEREEE. And it made me feel shameful and guilty. Has my need to be organized and structured translated in a need to have material things as well?

In that moment I felt overwhelmingly thankful for the abundance that I have been given, yet a sense of bondage as well. Like I was tied to these possessions. Not just these, but the clothes upstairs in my room, and yes, the summer clothes packed in a box in the basement. It's just too much for my brain and my heart to handle.

So, the box of extra food I bought my spare meal plan dollars is going to the local soup kitchen. I'm going to do one last purge of clothes I don't need and donate them to a homeless shelter. And, what I can't donate is just going to be gotten rid of. I want freedom in Christ, and reliance on HIM, not things. This is the beauty of His grace! We have ALL we need in Him!!! I will enjoy the nice things that I have, and our comfortable home, but when He calls me to go serve, I want to be able to go without lugging around my "comfort items" that I've let myself grow attached to. Less is more.

Day by day, finding FREEDOM in Christ. Finding JOY in Him alone. Exploring even more the wonder of His LOVE and GRACE. Less on this earth is MORE of Christ!

Seeking after Him,

"Jesus said, 'You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:31-32

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