Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcoming another year...

It's 45 minutes until 2011 begins. As i drove around town today i began asking myself what a new year means to me. I came up with lots of things!

-to EXPERIENCE God's grace and faithfulness
-to LOVE others well
-to make new FRIENDS
-to GROW
-to LEARN.....and the list goes on!


I don't remember ever being so excited to enter another year. This will be a huge year of transition, change, and trust as I transfer to a different school this semester. I believe this move was totally ordained by God as I watched Him open doors and move mountains. While this year will be met with the unknown and challenges that will require the strength and grace of the Lord, I am praising Him with anticipation for the things He has yet to do this year. He was faithful and good in 2010, and our unchanging God will do the same in 2011. 365 more days of praising God, relying on His grace, and seeking His face. What will 2011 mean to you?

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