Saturday, December 4, 2010


Our family has so many fun and special Christmas traditions. Being away at school has been so hard because I know that we would be doing all of our usual Christmas preparations at home together if I were there.
But instead of wishing I were home doing them, I am instead looking AHEAD to when I do get to go home! And I thought I'd share some of the things we like to do!
1. Watching Christmas movies together
2. Making Christmas cookies
3. Annual gingerbread house making with my brothers- it gets more professional looking every year in my opinion :)
4. Decorating the house
5. Decorating the tree (we did that before I left!)
6. Going to local Christmas music performances
7. Listening to Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa/cider and eating cookies.
8. Going to my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate
9. Having my other aunt and uncle in from New York.
10. Christmas Eve service at our church- my personal favorite event of the whole season!
11. Making gifts for friends and family- I am on a huge time crunch this year for this one!
12. Recieving Christmas cards from everybody
13. Shopping
I'm sure there are more but there's just a few of my favorites :)
What are your favorite Christmas traditions?


Anna said...

Ahhhh!!! This is just how I am feeling right now!! Except I am not, you know, at school. : )

Audrey said...

The Christmas Eve service is my favorite too!! So beautiful.