Friday, December 3, 2010


It's amazing how God wired us to crave fellowship.

Connecting with other humans, family and friends, other forgiven sinners, brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Today, however, I find it amazing that I can find "fellowship" in so many ways but never even see a person.


How our world has transformed our social lives.

I will even venture to say that we are lonelier because of it. Hurting hearts are crying out to be heard, and instead, they are sucked into a virtual world of friends. Not that these things can't be good. Reading blogs has been a huge way that God has grown my passion for orphans, and drawn me closer to him. I have LOVED getting to meet all of you as well (so keep commenting)! :) Emails keep me connected to people. Texting is wonderful for keeping up with friends and family.

But in the onslaught of technological social outlets, I feel like we have lost sight of the fellowship God intended us to have. Listening to eachother talk about life. Real life stuff. Laughing and rejoicing together. Crying together. Praying for eachother. Digging into the word together. Growing closer to God together and falling more in love with Him in the process.

I'm craving a good ole' conversation over a cup of hot cocoa (since I don't drink coffee!) :)

Yes i would probably cry. But there'd be lots to laugh about too. Lots to praise God about. Lots of things to ponder, pray, and brainstorm about. God put us on this earth because it was not good for man to be alone. So why are we turning to our computers to fill this need for friendship and fellowship?

Perhaps it is because we have lost trust in people. We live in a fallen world and so disappointment and hurt are bound to happen. Perhaps we know we will be faced with dissapointment and so we don't even try. Or maybe we're scared to love in case we get hurt. Our heavenly home is the place that we will find perfect fellowship. We will never lose trust in people, never be hurt, never be talked to behind our backs. We will never be lonely, never be searching for fellow believers in which to call "friend." We will be living life together in perfect unison, all for the same purpose of glorifying the Father! Imagine how many people we will meet?! Day after day there will be someone new, a new story to hear. I get so excited thinking about that.

For today, though, we have been called to this earth. A sinful earth, yes. A place where fellowship will be made up of sinners who are guarenteed to mess up along the way. But today, I am praying that God would enable me to be an instigator of Christian fellowship here where I'm at. To rejoice, cry, pray, learn, and grow with others that we may reflect the Church, the body of Christ well.

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Sharon said...

This is so true. A lot of times it easier to just turn to our virtual relationships to get the fellowship that we long for. But it's not enough. I know I have a hard time with that. I wish I could meet with you and talk/cry with you. Hopefully someday! Have a great weekend Molly!