Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beautiful Flowers

Mom's birthday was on Wednesday and she received two BEAUTIFUL bouquets!!! The aroma of them still lingers in the kitchen and when we first received them it was so pungent you could smell it everywhere. I couldn't help but think about what our pastor always says about Christians. He says, "A Christian is either the sweet aroma of life or the stench of death." To a non-Christian, our hope in eternal life only reminds them of their mortality and their miserable future. But to one who loves the Lord, we bring the sweet aroma of life. So as I smelled the flowers, I was reminded of this. I was reminded of the new life that springtime brings and the beautiful redemption our Savior gave to us so long ago at Easter time.

I had a great time taking pictures of the flowers today and then messing around on my new favorite photo editing website, Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of them with you.

May our lives be a fragrant aroma......

a light in the dark....

And a bright spot in the lives of those who are searching. Searching for love, hope, peace, and joy. The joy of Christ our Savior who died for me. He took every sin upon his shoulders, beared the pain and punishment we were to bear. He died for me, you, and anyone who will accept His free gift of eternal life. May He touch your heart this Easter, and show you His great love and grace.

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Anonymous said...

You have very deep thoughts, Molly. It's cool to see how you express them.