Sunday, March 9, 2008

A convicting book

I'm reading a tough book right now. In fact, I don't really know what to write about it because it's just so hard. But I feel like the body of Christ needs to read this book, because it could start a revolution. It is called:

There is no Me Without You


Melissa Fay Greene

It's about this woman who adopts an AIDS child from Ethiopia. She actually ends up going there to live for a short period of time as well. I've not even gotten half-way through but I can already see that my life will never be the same. I believe that there are two ways you can process the information she has in this book. You can either:
1.) Read the words and forget about it
2.) Read it with the intention of allowing God to mold and soften your heart through it.
The second way is certainly the most painful. It's painful and stretching, yet I so long to fulfill the will of God in my life. I long to have a heart like His. To be broken and wounded when I hear about the millions of homeless children in Africa. I don't want to be the same. And it will require me to live radically. But i'm going to mess up. I already have. That's the essence of the Christian life- sinning, confessing, forgiving, and trying again!! Basically it's all about grace.
If you've read the earlier posts of my blog (or you've talked to me for more than a 1/2 hour) :), you would know that the Lord has burdened my heart for the orphans. This book is challenging me to analyze my life and my future. I've always been such a dreamer, and I had my whole life planned out but the Lord is ever so gently showing me that my plans are not His. And so I don't know what's ahead, and neither do you. But I highly recommend you read this book. You'll have to push yourself through it, but it's worth it. So jump in your car and head to Berean. Or better yet, zip your mouse over to!! You can get a perfectly good used one for $7.
I'll be praying for you as you seek out His will for your life and mine,


Anonymous said...

I'll have to check it out, considering that my NEW BOOK I WAITED FOR FOR FOREVER didn't come out. Thanks for sharing, Molly!

Katrina said...

Hello My Little Molly Bear,

I am so sorry I didn't realize you had even entered any more blogs! They are precious Molly and even though I talk to you every day reading your heart enables me to understand it so much better than your spoken words. I cried as I read your entries and watched the great video clip. You are so very precious to me Molly and I am so grateful to our God for embracing your heart at such a young age.

Your Mama XOXO

juliethomas said...

Molly, I just left you a long comment and then had to re do a password and lost it sorry...will try and re-cap but surely not as sufficiently as before. I love your your heart. So precious. (And know I told ya , but love your new hair cut too) Love that you had such plans for your life, yet, now are so narrowly focused on whatever God has for you, above any personal dreams/hopes, etc. Thought of Ruth Bell Graham and how she just "knew" she was to be a missionary to tibet, remember? And she initially could not believe God would rather have her marry this boy, Billy Graham? Sometimes it takes us stepping out in faith, doesn't it? It is worth it though. And I hear you re: your desire for true repentance in your life and more devotions...but Thank goodness His mercies are new EVERY morning and GREAT is His FAITHFULNESS...AMEN? And your Aunt Lucia is right....youa re already blossoming so well where you are neat to see. Something she said in a comment made me think too of all you have to look forward to in your see examples maybe much later of just HOW instrumental He is in every aspect/every decision you are making and will make. You wont' always know how He worked things together for your good, on your behalf, but sometimes He will give little morsels, little "gifts" if you will into this world of "providence". A few yrs ago, my then BSF leader shared w/ me how yrs and yrs ago, while in High School, she prayed for me (along w/ my friend Margaret Mitchell McLean's mom, Harriet) that I would desire to return to a bible study that Margarethad invited me to. I initially did not think I'd return/was ok/but so many kids there knew SO much about the bible/where everything was in it, etc, almost arrogant/just rubbed me wrong...then about 3 wks later I had such a change of heart and called marg and asked if I could return to it. Years later, I understand even more fully about that "change of heart" I had in wanting to go back, and in the power of prayer. Coincidence that she became MY BSF leader? I think not. It's things like this in your own life, and that you'll continue to learn about in the lives of your friends, and mom's friends, that will see you through times when things aren't going so smoothly/remind you of God's providence in your life, and how you can trust HIM. And you said it well when you said, though you know there will be hard times (and we know this to be true)'s the joy and hope that will pull you through them you said, when life is tough....and you are so right. It is because you have Joy and Hope always that no matter what you are going through, when you lay your head down at night you'll be able to say...."even so, it is well with my soul" Amen... Lastly Molly, you should know...years ago, I prayed long and hard that my dear, dear friend Katrina "Kat" as I call her...who I loved so much and saw such a heart in, such capacity to love...I prayed God would bless her with a child, and one with a heart like hers. Well....He did indeed!

juliethomas said...

oops....forgot to end my blog entry..blame it on age...meant to say...will continue to pray for you Molly...and for God to work through you in amazing ways...surely with the yielded heart you have, great things for the kingdom are in store in the yrs to come. God you...Julie Thomas.