Thursday, March 20, 2008

Please Prayerfully Consider!!

Good evening all!! If you've followed my blog up until now, you would know that I've been to Guatemala twice to work at an orphanage. It was a life changing experience. The orphanage that I worked at is called Eagle's Nest. It is truly amazing. They take excellent care of the children and the "mamas" love each and every one. Because of the backup in the courts and the government temporarily closing in Guatemala, Eagle's Nest is no longer recieving money from adoptions because there are no new adoptions taking place. So right now they are VERY low on funds. Each week Larry and Claire (owners of orphange) recieve calls asking them to take in more precious children but they have to say no. How can we live here in our huge houses with more than enough food to fill our bellies and warm arms to hug us when there are sweet babies who cry and have nobody. When I first arrived at the orphanage we were standing in the "parking lot" talking with Claire and I could hear the cries of the babies. My heart just broke and as I walked into the nursery I couldn't get to them quickly enough!! My second trip, I'd mastered holding one baby in each arm with a toddler leaning on my lap. As soon as you put them down they'd begin their sad cries again, missing the feel of loving arms around them.

So I ask you tonight "Is God touching your heart? Is He calling you to make a small step in His kingdom by giving a child a place to stay, and maybe even the opportunity to have a forever family? Are you willing to give up your double lattes for a week and donate that $10 to this orphanage?"

If you are interested:

Please visit and go to the "How Can I Help" at the top of the page. You can donate any amount, which they'll put into their general fund for the home.

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