Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter to everybody!! It has been a cold easter for us. Whenever I think of Easter I think of warm, spring weather so that all the girls can wear their new summer-y dresses to church. Well... all of the girls still wore their dresses but we froze. As I sit in our cozy family room blogging the snow is coming down in HUGE flakes. Yep it's snowing on our spring break. Noah exclaimed, "Why don't they just call it winter break?!!" Either way, I hope that it decides to be springtime soon!! I'm ready to break out the cute spring clothes and flip-flops!! But back to Easter, we had my Aunt Diane, Uncle Dan, cousin Jon, and Lil over for lunch after church. They came to the service to hear me play piano and sing in the choir so that was fun to have them there. I failed to get a picture of us at the dinner table but we had a good time eating delicious food, talking, playing games, and, of course, watching the NCAA games. I didn't participate in that activity but the men did.

Here's a picture of the winter weather:

A picture of the us kids after church:


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya with this stupid winter weather! Where is spring?!

You look very pretty in your dress! Happy Easter to you!


Lucia said...

Hi Molly:

I can't believe it is snowing on your SPRING break! Weird weather patterns we are having. The East coast is lucky, it is going to be 57 degrees today and Easter Sunday was gorgeous, a little chilly but sunny and clear.

I'm glad to hear you had a nice time with the Anderson clan. Sounds like your piano went well at Church too. Wish we could have been there to hear you play.

I LOVE the dress you have on for the Easter MOD, reminds me of the dresses we wore in the 70's. Great colors on you! The boys look handsome too, as usual.

To church Easter Sunday, I wore a hot pink jacket and top with black slacks and a new necklace that has charms of MOD FLOWERS in bright colors on it. Jay took a picture, we will see if it turns out. Of course it was taken with one of the "old fashioned" cameras!

Well, I miss everyone. Say hi and give all hugs and a kisses.

Sending you Easter blessings, Aunt Lucia