Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break!! Woo-hoo!!

Yes, it's spring break. The week that every child and teen has looked forward to since Christmas break!! We're not doing anything exciting this year, just chilling at home. I'm working alot next week but it'll be OK. Last year, I was on a plane for Guatemala. It's funny how one year can change your life so much. I'm in such a different chapter in life than I was last year. And all that's taken place is 12 months.

I am going to go see Ethan (the teen with cancer) next week with my Dad and some people from youth group. We're really looking forward to giving him his gift that we made him.
I realized Chloe hasn't made an appearance on my blog yet so here she is!! My 90 pound Golden Retreiver!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awww...your dog is adorable. We totally need to get together on spring break, Molly. Give me a call or something!