Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Ice Took Over

We had a big ice storm on Thursday night and..... the ice took over. We lost 4 HUGE branches in our yard. We were totally fine all Friday morning but then at 12 we lost the 4th branch. It came crashing down, twisted the power line, and brought down the power box with it. How kind. So we just got power back this morning!!

I saw again a beautiful display of the body of Christ when we were immediately invited to spend the night at our friend's house. I feel so blessed and loved. People were so eager to take care of us and make sure we were comfortable. When I came home I just felt like sitting down and crying. When I walked into the house and could flip on lights again, feel the heat coming out of the vents, check my email, I realized just how incredibly blessed we are. It was such a good reminder to be thankful, that not everyone has life so easy. It's overwhelming. But I know that because of the past 24 hours, my Christmas week will be full of more thoughts of appreciation and thankfulness.

here's some pics from the weekend!


Corinne said...

Wait, you lost power at noon on Saturday, and just got your power back on this morning (saturday morning)? How exactly does that work :)

Glad no one was hurt

Molly said...

Well aren't you just a smarty pants today missy!!! lol I got my days mixed up. It feels like Sunday.

Sharon said...

Wow, I remeber a few years ago we had a huge ice storm and it knocked out the power for days. It really isn't fun. But you are right it makes you so much more thankful when you do get it back. So It's cool how something that seems so bad can have a positive effect. It also is no fun going on the icey roads and slipping on the ground when you walk. We haven't even seen a snowflake yet this year. Which is fine with me I don't really care for snow, plus we don't ever get a good snow here in the south. I like the warm weather. I am ready for summer. :) Stay warm!