Thursday, December 25, 2008

She Was Watchin'

I got the Mark Schultz "Broken and Beautiful" music book today and have been playing those songs. I had forgotten about this song and cried all over again when I listened to it today!

Mark Schultz "She Was Watchin"

(turn off the music on the right hand column of the page so you can hear the song!)

Here's a poem I wrote in response to this song.... (Dad, i hope you don't mind that I posted this.... :) I'll take it off if you want me to! You were already asleep when I wrote it!)

Walkin' With You

Walkin' with you
hand in hand
Your strong fingers in mine
Form an unbreakable band

Your lap is still
the perfect place to sit
I'm all done growing now
So I think I'll always fit

I'll always be your little girl
Your princess, little bear.
You always do what's best for me,
showing me loving care.

Someday, daddy,
when I look for my prince,
I'll be thinking of you,
Thankful for your significance.

Walkin' with you
hand in hand
You will give me away
To some wonderful man

When you hand me off
I hope you'll be proud
Proud of who I am
Proud of me as I take that vow.

Thanks for being you,
A Godly man, husband, father.
Thanks for loving me,
and growing me further.

I love you Dad!!!



Annie said...

sweet poem!

Katrina said...

Hi Molly,

I enjoyed your recent entries and photos this afternoon. I was so busy with the Christmas preparations that I had not viewed your blog for about a week.

Your Momma XOXO

Philip said...

Dear Lovely Daughter,

That is the sweetest poem, Molly. Thanks for celebrating my good points rather than my numerous failings. Like I have always said to you guys...forgiveness and repentance...forgiveness and repentance.

Because of you and the two maturing young men in our family, I am the most fortunate father in the world.

Katrina and I pray daily for a Godly young man for you. Between the 2 of us, I am probably going to be the one tearing up the most, but I promise to try and hold it together.

your Papa