Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It's time for another Thankful Thursday!! You might groan but I like thankful Thursdays!! :)

So here we go!

1. I have spent more time on the piano in the past 2 days than I've spent playing this past month. I decided tonight that the best way to describe it is that I've fallen in love with the piano again. I was slowly losing my motivation, but praise God I am not feeling that anymore. I was even practicing some potential songs tonight that I could sing and play for offertory maybe... if I don't chicken out.

2. I'm almost done with my first Spanish college class (yaay!) and i've completed 31% of my Chemistry course. I am counting down the days until that class is over with. That will be the lowpoint of my school year lol!!! I really dislike that subject. But the school year is going by fast and for that I am thankful!!

3. I am too tired to do anymore lol!!!


kangaj1 said...

I hated Chemistry too! LOL. You'll get through it. Praying for you!!

Sharon said...

Keep playing that piano. I is great that you are enjoying it. I took a piano class in high school and started to learn but never stuck with it, and now I don't remember how to play at all. I like to hear pople play the piano it sounds so good, and some people are so talented when it comes to playing, but they all had to stick to it. Maybe I will start thankful thursday as well. It is good to think of something you are thankful for because I know a lot of my time is spent complaining, instead of being thankful. So I need to do it more.