Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cleanin' House!

I was in a cleaning mood today so this evening I tackled my bedroom. I literally emptied everything but the clothes on hangers out of the closet and reorganized. I was so surprised to see how my busy life had let my room get so out of control! I used to keep my room meticulously clean. But.. I suppose I've gotten used to the little pile of clothes in the corner, my stack of papers on the dresser, and my stack of shoes on the floor of the closet. So I cleaned it all up! There's not one stray item in my room. Yet I know in another couple of months I'll have to do the same thing because I won't keep it cleaned up!

I started thinking about life, sin, and forgiveness. I thought about how many times I commit a sin, repent, God forgives me, and I do it again. I do this ALL THE TIME! Sometimes, I'll go awhile before repenting, getting comfortable with my sin, and then God has to do in my heart what I did in my room. He has to help me dig through the piles of garbage in my heart and clean out to make room for Him again. When my room is clean I walk in and feel at home, secure, and peaceful. When I walk in and see piles of stuff on the floor I just want to leave- it's dirty and reminds me of the lack of care I've given to my room! The same happens when I study my heart. I look in sometimes and am disgusted and just want to leave. Yet God says, "Molly, I will forgive you of ALL of those things! I'll be here with you and will help you work through it all! I'm here for you, my daughter, and love you for who you are!" Praise God for His forgiveness. He just astounds me with His grace and mercy. We do not deserve such forgiveness. We deserve the death that Jesus died. Yet that is not what God chose! Christ died for US! He bore the pain and suffering for US- sinners! When I think upon this wonderous love I can't begin to comprehend it. I'm so thankful for such an incredible God!!

"In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace."

Ephesians 1:7

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