Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Post 2

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving as I hope all of you did!

We started our day with the Macy's Day parade. Here's most of the clan minus Jon and mom (who's taking the picture!):

So at our house we do not have an ice maker. Nope. We're old-fashioned. We have the ice cube trays that we refill several times a day. It's annoying (but I'm thankful for a freezer in which to keep ice and water to make ice with!). So when we visit my aunt and uncle's house we LOVE using their ice maker. I had to laugh when I saw Noah filling his glass up this morning (on his knees I might add! maybe he was tired????) so I snapped a picture.

Our family gathered around the table. I love timers on camaras!!! :)

Playing euchre!! After a little bit I had my strategy down and was quite pleased to keep up with the "euchre experts" in the family.

The other euchre table!

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Sharon said...

Great post, it looks like you all had a lot of fun. I enjoyed the pics of your family.