Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

  1. Joy- I have felt tangible evidence of my prayers for this being answered this past week. I had been praying that the Lord would fill my with joy- joy from Him!! This will sound weird but I've felt like a different person this week. At first I attributed it to the fact that I just got back from a retreat and that I was just riding the high from that. But as the week has gone on, my joy has not diminished. So I began thinking of other reasons of what I had done to make myself so happy. Of course, the answer is NOTHING! Nothing I did has given me more joy. It's all God. Praise you Jesus! The joy of the Lord is present always, it's not a "happiness" dependent on circumstances.
  2. Precious precious precious family and friends. Thank you to each person who loves me SO well. I appreciate and love each of you so much! You bring out the best in me, make me laugh, and make my life so much fuller. I wouldn't be the same without you!!
  3. Awesome youth pastor- Our church has been SOO blessed by incredible pastors. Pastor Dave, my youth pastor, is phenomenal. He is so dedicated to us. I had lunch with him yesterday and realized again just how fortunate I am to be in a church that has such great leadership and to have a youth pastor who cares about us and what's going on in our lives.
  4. This one is random. I turned on the radio in the back file room at work the other day (i don't like being back there by myself without music- it's too quiet lol!). Anyway, I turned it on and Christmas music started playing!!! :) That made me so happy. I love the Christmas season. So I'm thankful that the holidays are quickly approaching. I have my little list of gifts that I need to prepare/buy and I'm getting excited.
  5. 6 more days till Thanksgiving Break!!! Yaay!!!
  6. And... it's time to go to work. So i'm thankful for a job to go to! :) I love it there!

Have a great Thursday! :)

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Sharon said...

Where do you work, if you don't mind me asking. It sounds like you have a lot of fun there.

Oh, cheak out my new blog when you get a chance. I haven't really written much I am just trying to figure it out. I am excited about it though.