Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sometimes I just don't understand why things happen. Especially when it's to people I really love. Or to innocent people, children, who did nothing to deserve the treatment they receive. My heart broke when I saw this on another blog:

"As recently published by Nuestro Diario, a leading Guatemalan newspaper, children are being abandoned to the streets at an alarming rate. With few government institutions to provide care and the closure of many private institutions, some birthmothers are simply leaving their newly born children in trash dumps. Nuestro Diario reports that in Guatemala City alone, 91 children were found abandoned with 70 being new born infants. Twenty abandoned children in Guatemala City were found after they had already perished. What is being done to build a social service system which not only protects children from corruption but also from a tragic death?"

You can read the full article in detail here:

Newborn children in trash dumps? Is this the world we live in? That is so sickening to me. Have we fallen so far away that we're willing to take children and throw them away? It makes me want to lie in a ball and sob. But that won't do any good. So I turn to the Father, the loving Father, who adopted me as a child when He found me covered in grime, helpless, and crying out for help. And when I seek Him, I find Him with arms open wide. He has a plan and a purpose. I wish that our hearts weren't so hardened that it takes millions of orphans to open our eyes to our selfishness but perhaps that is what it will take. And through it all, I see hope with every adoption blog that I read. God is redeeming by placing these children in families. God is redeeming by sustaining wonderful Christian orphanages and organizations around the world. God is placing the call to the orphans as a heavy burden on people's hearts. There is hope, despite the pain in the world!!

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Annie said...

Amen, Molly! Praise God for his redeeming work in orphans' lives, and may He continue to, as a new song from the CompassionArt album says, "let the rivers of his justice flow through us". May we be tools that He uses to give hope to the hopeless!