Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Jesus, Lord, Savior, King
Out of our moths praises ring

An endless list of glorious names
we give to God, our voices raise

Each one is different, yet much the same
Describing His beauty, matchless grace

Yet everybody has a favorite one,
A name they use to approach the Son.

Sometimes it's Jesus, forgiver of sins,
or maybe Redeemer, for they've been saved from within

Whatever the name, it's used for a reason
The heart finds it soothing to have a name for that season

For me, I pray "my Father," or "Abba"
After seeing the orphans in Guatemala

I realized that God makes the perfect daddy
No matter our sin, He loves us madly

So I praise Him for His fatherly care,
Appreciating it now I know that it's not always there...

On this earth, but yes, in heaven we see,
Our Father looking down and we can joyful be.


I wrote this poem after pondering a small group discussion we had last week. We talked about who God is, and how every name for Him is so perfect. Each quality and character attribute blends together to make the beautiful Being that He is. We also talked about how we each tend to pick particular names to use when we pray. These are often chosen because we personally appreciate that attribute about God. As I thought about this, I realized that I always pray "Father." I didn't always used to do this. It was only after I went to Guatemala that the realization of God as our Father really sunk into my heart. It is such a comfort to me that He is a Father to the fatherless, a Daddy to the orphan, a Protector and Provider to those children who are so dear to me.

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