Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This precious, precious little baby was plucked from a garbage pile today, and taken to Eagle's Nest (the orphanage I've been to in Guatemala). She is now warm and clean, and I can only imagine the yummy baby smell and soft skin. Her tummy is full, and according to the latest update, she is sleeping soundly in her new bed.

She doesn't have a name. Nobody knows her birthdate. Nobody knows what heartache brought her dear mother to leave her. Abandon her. Nameless, parentless, cold, hungry. Yet, this beautiful little princess was chosen by God's mercy to live today, for such a time as this.

I feel at times as though I'm being smacked in the face with the pain of this world since coming to a secular school. Discussions of abortion and God have made my heart ache for the coming of Christ, yet long for more time so that the lost can come to know the Lord.

I spent the afternoon feeling overwhelmed and confused about what God has for my life. After searching for Scripture on discernment and wisdom, I talked with my wonderful (earthly) Daddy who helped me sort out my thoughts. God has given me a love for the orphan for a reason. God has given me a love for Spanish. God has given me the opportunity to study in Spain. God has given me the chance to study at a college where I can receive an education that allows me to find a job and help support my family and further the kingdom. I have been chosen to be a Spanish major at this school for such a time as this.

I went to my first Spanish-speakers club meeting and was reminded of all the awesome opportunities to serve the Hispanic people. Helping 50 year old men who can't properly write their name in English. Sitting with 4th graders who arrived from Mexico just last week, thrown into a world of English and new culture. These people have been chosen by God.

How beautiful are the puzzle pieces of life. They're all flying at me a little bit too fast for me to process, yet it's beautiful just the same. Pieces chosen for such a time as this.


Audrey said...

Oh Molly. You honestly can NOT imagine how wonderfully timed that post was. Praying for that sweet girl. Who will get to name her? Would they let you?

Katrina said...

Hi Molly!

Looking forward to hearing about this meeting you went to and the opportunities you learned about!

Can't wait to see you!

Love, Your Momma (: