Monday, February 7, 2011

Still In My Heart...

Almost a year into college, and the love is still there.
The memories still implanted into my mind.
The passion still bright and burning.
The desire to pull them out of the bondage they're in.
The yearning inside of me to make every day count for something.
They're still in my heart.
This calling seeps its way into every facet of my life.
Everyone is declaring their majors and minors at school.
If I could major in "helping the orphan" I would do it in a second.
I love these children, all 169 million.
All 168,000,930 that I haven't even met. I ponder this world and this calling to spread the Word,
serve the orphan, and care for the widow.
I remember our Abba Father who is so good and faithful.
He began a good work in us, and will continue it until it is finished.

He has a plan for every child. He has a plan for all of us, and a place for us to serve.
All we have to do is follow and obey.

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