Saturday, May 21, 2011


We have been RELAXING on La Costa del Sol en Benalmadena. Laying out on the beach, taking long walks as the Mediterranean Sea rolls up over our feet. Eating long meals in outdoor cafes. Getting to know each other. Studying together for our lovely vocab quizzes (which are actually very applicable!).

I'm having trouble finding time to blog. I don't like blogging without my heart in it, and it takes some time for me to sit and think about what i'd like to say. So, hopefully tonight I'll have some time to sit down and really tell you all about this incredible trip so far. For now, though, a few short thoughts will have to do until I can expound on them.

1. I'm ALMOST done with editing my pictures from Madrid (ha I'm a little bit behind).
2. God loves providing before we even see the need. He has done this so many times.
3. Speaking of the Lord, I had not had the energy or time to sit down and spend time in the Word. These past couple of days have made for some sweet quiet times on the balcony of our hotel room. So thankful for times to rest, and already seeing Him teach me things.
4. Tonight we go to a flamenco dance! Ahh so excited! Will hopefully get to take some pictures.

Ok must go and get "all dolled up" )as our professor says) for the Flamenco dance. It's a fancy event apparently!

More posts to come tonight and tomorrow!
Love you all!

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Katrina said...

Hi Mollyita!

Sounds like your time at the beach ahs been relaxing and fun! Looking soooo forward to pictures soon!

It was great to hear your voice yesterday!

Love you bunches!
XOXO Your Momma (: