Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Packing away...

I've been slowly packing away clothes, books, food, everything I will need for 7 weeks in Spain. Yet having a suitcase full of things does not ease the unknown, the feeling that I can't really prepare myself for all that I will see and do there! It's an elated excitement and an anxiousness for the mystery of the summer to be unveiled. I idolize security. I thrive on the feeling that I am safe, that finances are set, that I know what [my plan] for the future holds, that I will succeed. But safety, money, the future, success are all in God's hands! They are not mine but HIS!

I could pack 10 suitcases with all of my possessions and never be truly ready for this journey of life that the Lord takes on us. It is His Word, His Spirit that will sustain us. It is His peace that will bring us security. It is under the shadow of His wings that we find protection. It is in the daily manna that we are provided for.

So as I continue to pack away a suitcase for the summer and step on a plane to explore a world so different and foreign to the one I know, I will be walking in HIS grace, HIS strength, HIS mercy, HIS love. And that will be all I'll ever need.

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