Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day in the Life

Life here is going to be very, very busy. I already feel this lifestyle of new school, home, and finding food to eat is going to be very exhausting. But through His strength I can do all things :)

We have the best host mom. She's a single mom with an 11 year old son. There's 7 of us living in the flat, and trust me, it's cozy. The one rule is NO English. Ever. And that one rule, Mama Clara definitely keeps us accountable for! Besides that, we're completely independent. Of course, every day she reminds us that she wants to be here for us. Any question or problem we have she wants to help. She wants to help us study, learn, speak. She's wonderful.

There's a fruteria right down the street and a pasteleria (bakery) next door to our apartment building. The best part? They sell sugar-free cookies :) Nothing here is sugar-free, so this is a HUGE blessing.

So for those who are wanting to hear a little bit more about my life here in Salamanca, here's a day in my life!

9:15- Leave for school
9:30- Grammar class
11:20- Break
11:30- Conversation class
1:00- Break/Go home
1:15- Class with our professor on T/W/Th
6:00- History Lecture
7:00- Art Lecture or Salsa lessons

Occasionally tours at 1 or 4.
Traveling on most weekends
(my daddy's visiting this weekend- I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!) :)
Lunch is usually at 2, and dinner is anywhere from 8-10.
Different schedule, different culture!

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julie t said...

Okay, aside from fact that you can't live on sugar free cookies alone, I love so much...good schedule, great host mom, ok rule of only Spanish, def doable for many great things. I'd look for a frozen yogurt, or glacee place and check the low glycemic choices there..and how about frozen bananas with dark choc coating?...that might push envelope some. I'm assuming nutella crepes are out. perhaps though, if ya check ingredients of the crepe, and it's just banana and some dark choc spread/ could be acceptable splurge...can still taste those. I'd bet you like the Art/ Salsa eve choices..Laurel would say do the fun. Enjoy...think your boyfriend will soon be in Shanghai via night train. love,