Monday, August 17, 2009

Another list......

Okay y'all, you know me and my lists....

I started a list of goals about 3 weeks ago that I have for myself for this coming school year. Somehow it becomes more motivating if I post it on here, even though none of you really want to see this list as it's really quite boring. But you can still bug me about it once in awhile to make sure I'm doing it, okay? :)

Put forth my FULL effort in school. Learn as much as I can and try my very best!

Continue my devotionals and Bible memorization the entire year. The first thing that goes when I get busy is my prayer life and my time in the Word. I NEED this time if I'm going to be effective in ministry.

Take advantage of the leadership opportunities I've been given and let God shape me through these.

Disciple some younger girls

Grow my friendships and be persistant in pursuing and strengthening them.

Use my Spanish in the community (I'm praying for God to provide opportunities for this!)

Make time to minister, serve, and just listen to people. My excuse of being "too busy" takes over far too frequently.

Keep up my blog. My goal is one serious post a week, all you sweet bloggy friends who have kept with me through my sporadic blogging!

Stay close with friends I know who have graduated and are going away.
You got lots of brownie points if you stuck with me through this whole list lol :)

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Sharon said...

Hey, I read it! Love the list! :) These sound like some great goals! Maybe I will have to start making these kind of lists! :)