Sunday, August 16, 2009


While at the tearoom, we browsed their adorable store. There was an entire wall of PINK GIRLY ADORABLE things. I immediately saw the precious pink dress and thought of Claudia, wishing she was here so I could give her the delight of dressing up in pretty things and tell her what a beautiful princess she is. Then I thought of the other little girls at the orphanage. I told my mom how I could just see them squealing over all of the girly things in this store. My mind kept wandering as I pondered all of the million little girls who live in orphanages who are deprived daily and my heart grieves for them.

Today, as I try to comprehend this world, and wrestle over why so many children are without families, I cling to the hope that every little girl is a daughter of the King, a Princess. He holds them in His arms and dances with delight over them though they have no earthly father to do so. He sings with joy when He watches them and holds their precious faces in His hands, He sees each tear that they cry, hears each whisper of their heart.

Father, what a beautiful thing that I can call you that. Thank you for Your saving grace, your adoption of me as your daughter. I am so thankful that I am Yours. I am so thankful that each neglected child is Yours, that You have claimed them as Your own from the beginning of time. I wish I could take every orphan, every hurting child into my home. My heart is breaking with each thought that I have of them. There are too many, this problem too huge for me- but I KNOW that it is not too big for You. I trust in You, Jesus, that You hear their cries, that You hear my cry for mercy on these children. You have greater things planned, if only we seek your face and trust You. What You ordain is good and perfect and your promises are true!

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Sharon said...

You have such a great heart Molly!