Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Waiting Child

Well, my heart has been broken into pieces once again. This time through a gripping, heartwrenching, yet hope-filled book called The Waiting Child by Cindy Champnella. We're at my aunt's house for a family reunion (yes i will post pics eventually... i'm so behind!) and so I'd brought this book along. The story absolutely captured me and stirred up so many memories and emotions. I've avoided reading any books on orphans because it just upsets me. But I'd decided I wanted to finish this one, and I am glad I did even though it made my heart actually hurt.

The story is of an American family who adopt this precious little girl, Jaclyn, from China. When they go, they discover that she has been caring for this tiny little boy at her orphanage. After returning home, she talks of him constantly. For years, at the age of 3, she pleads and cries out to God to bring "her baby," Lee, home to America. Before long her family has started to fall in love with this little boy and they pursue the adoption of him. The love that Jaclyn had for this little boy was absolutely beautiful. The ache in her heart, the numerous tears, the prayers cried out to God reminded me of mine for Claudia. The hole in Jaclyn's heart that could only be filled with her little boy reminded me of the ever-present hole that is waiting for my Guatemala girl. Jaclyn's family was faced with the discouraging news that Lee would likely not be available for adoption. God moved many mountains to eventually bring him home from China.

Jaclyn's unwavering faith that God would bring Lee home was an encouragement to me to keep praying and fighting for Claudia. Reading the happy story of his homecoming was almost too much to read, knowing that we may never get this with my sweet girl.

Reading the horrible stories of Jaclyn's time in the orphanage made the fire in my heart burn brighter for the plight of the orphans. Whenever my passion for it begins to dull, the Lord ALWAYS sends something my way to remind me. Remind me of reality. Remind me of these precious children. Remind me of my purpose. Remind me of His call for my life.

So thank you, Cindy Champnella, for sharing your sweet story of Jaclyn. It made me smile, cry, and wish I'd never read it. Yet I know it's these stories that change me for the better, so I'm thankful I read it.


Sharon said...

This book is so great, sad, loving, and inspiring, all at the same time. I am glad you read it, I think I want to read it again, of coarse there are a lot of books that I want to read again, so I don't know when I will actually get to it. It is neat how you tied your broken heart to Jaclyn's. These books really help to stir the fire in you and me both. It's great and heartbreaking at the same time. It is amazing to watch what God has for you and your family. It will be something great, even greater than you imagined!

Annie said...

I loved this story too! It was amazing and yes...a real tear-jerker! God can use the heartbreak and these tears, though, to soften our hearts that we might do great things in HIS name for orphans! Thanks for your post.