Friday, August 7, 2009

What's Next???

Many of you have been asking "What's next for your family??" So I thought I'd blog about what our plan is for those of you who haven't heard yet!

At the moment, we are pursuing a foster care license. We've had our first meeting with the case worker, have scheduled TB tests, fingerprinting, and classes for my parents. At this point, we do not know where this license will lead. We may just be a "transition" family, or it could end up in an adoption. If we get siblings, the boy will get our spare bedroom and the girl will be in mine. I am trusting God that He will give me the grace that I need to be a good "big sister" to whatever girl He chooses to entrust our family with. I already feel overwhelmed by the enormous responsibility having foster kids will be, especially if we havea little girl who looks up to me. However, despite all the unknowns and my anxiety of what kind of challenges we'll face, I am excited to see what this season will hold. Regardless, I know that we are heeding the Call, and that is what I desire for my life.


Melinda said...

Any little girl placed in your home will be a lucky and blessed one! You will be a wonderful role model for your future foster sister. You'll have more opportunity to impact her life than any other in your house because of sharing a room. I'm confident you'll be the godly example that Jesus wants you to be!


Annie said...

God is doing amazing things in your family, Molly! It's so exciting to hear where He is leading you all and I look forward to see what He does in your lives in the future!