Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A glance...

Men, this is finally your chance to understand women a little bit better. I've had some very humorous conversations about how frustrated guys get with girls. And you're right, we really don't understand ourselves. But maybe this will give you a glimpse into part of it.

Ladies, I really wrote this poem is for you. I started writing this from the perspective of all of us. I've had many talks with friends the past few weeks about beauty, weight, and culture in regards to us as women. We all have different struggles but it all boils down to the same point- Some days, we just don't feel beautiful and we struggle to keep in focus the beauty that the Lord sees in us. But as I wrote, I felt prideful, knowing that I'd much rather use "us" and "we" to describe emotions than "I" and "me." I don't like owning up to the fact that I struggle with the battle of outer beauty vs inner beauty. I don't like admitting that I have trouble seeing the truth, that I let a number on the scale or a disappointing glance in the mirror define my confidence, my attitude, my thought life. So I wrote the rest of it from my perspective. My heart is laid open, and I hope that you can see that you are not alone and you are not without hope. Never without hope and never without our Father gazing down with a beaming smile on His face, declaring us His gorgeous, beautiful, perfect daughters.

A Glance

In every woman's heart you'll find a similar tale,
A glance in the mirror or a step on a scale
Can scream lies of unworthiness, or stories of hope
To which voice do we listen, how should we know?

Though we try to forsake the ways of this world,
To focus on Christ and His glory behold
We still long to be beautiful, long to be known
Yet the depriving and striving leaves us feeling alone

When will I embrace my beauty in Christ?
When will I believe the Love of my life?
When He says, "I delight in you," "I will never leave"
When He says, "My Beloved," will I truly believe?

One more look in the mirror, a decision to be made
I can choose to be happy or be discouraged, dismayed
For the girl that I see could be more skinny or pretty
But to Christ- I am perfect, displaying His glory

Created in His image, he is singing over me
I can be content, secure, happy, free!
God created every woman, to be a helper, mother, friend
He calls us beautiful, from now until the end.

I took some time today and prayed that the Lord would confirm in me a desire for His affirmation, a knowledge of His love for me, the beauty that He sees in me. I prayed that He would rip me of my efforts to improve myself, the efforts I put into making myself more beautiful on the outside are really a waste of time compared to the change He could bring to my inside, my heart. So take a moment and rest before the Love of our lives, the Lover of our souls. Take down the wall that's build up inside, take down the rules you make for yourself, take down the expectations you have for the mirror, the scale, the treadmill. The Lord wants us to live freely. I have never been so burdened for women to live in the freedom He gives, for myself to live in freedom. Enough rambling.

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
John 8:32
We are LOVED, we are CALLED, we are ADOPTED, we are DAUGHTERS, we are BEAUTIFUL.
This is TRUTH.


Annie said...

You have such a gift for poetry, Molly! Keep using it to give God glory and encourage those around you!

Melinda Sanford said...

That poem is absolutely beautiful and really blessed me! Thank you for sharing it! :)

julie t said...

This poem needs to be published for every female to read.
If we could just capture the vision for our Heavenly Father dancing over and delighting in us, as you describe, we would be able to embrace the truth of our design, of being made in His image.
And we would be free of anything the world has to "offer".
The truth would indeed set us free.
Again, why every female needs to read this.
Pray about offering it for publication !