Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Got Vitamin C?

Today I sat down at the table with 3 oranges.
After several shocked looks of how much fruit I was planning to consume in one sitting, I realized that I have consumed over 200 oranges this semester.
The guy next to me at the lunch table hadn't even consumed 3 this year.
Needless to say, perhaps it's time I found another fruit! :)


Katrina said...

Ha ha! That is pretty funny! Some of the boy's friends come to our dinner table and take a look at the individual fruit bowls our family consumes and initially thinks that the one bowl sitting in front of him is SURELY to be passed and shared with the entire table not for his personal consumption! I am beginning to think that maybe our family is a little unusual when it comes to the quantity of fruit we consume!?

Audrey said...

Whoa! I bet you've stayed healthy though :) Have you tried frozen grapes?!??!?? The fruit of champions, I tell you.