Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Voy a España!

In May, I'm headed to Salamanca, Spain to study abroad for 2 months. My daddy will be coming to stay with me for several days and I think I'm most excited about that. It will be so much fun to share Spain with him!While the prep work for this class has just about worn me down to the bone and made me question my sanity for ever considering speaking Spanish, deep down I am very excited :)

I keep reminding myself that in 2 months I will be looking at these:

Years ago, men used the brains that God gave them to imagine incredible buildings and works of art. They used their muscles and hands to construct these ideas that the Lord gave them. And now we get to admire the creativity, beauty, and splendor! I'm sure it will be even more incredible when it's in person!

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Adina said...

That's amazing! I'm sorta jealous... The pics are great!