Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heavy heart

Some friends of mine from home were in Guatemala last week loving on orphans and homeless children.

All last week, I knew that they were down there but I was without internet or cell phone service. So I prayed for them, and prayed a lot about what an orphan ministry would look like here at college.

I got back to school and read all of their blog posts. They went to visit Eagle's Nest and took pictures of Claudia for me. They also went to a government orphanage. I encourage you to read their brief post here before continuing.

I sobbed my way through that post. Even now I don't even know how to express all that is in my heart.

I paused, trying to process 1000 orphans. And then I tried contemplating 1 million orphans. Then 147 million. Our brains were never meant to envision millions of babies, children, and teens who are without homes. But this is the truth.

I never intend to guilt anyone who reads these posts into feeling pity for the orphan. My goal in writing these things is that the Lord may burden your heart for the Fatherless, that we may join together and serve.

And then there's a whole section of the orphanage with teen moms whose babes are there with them. I feel nothing but compassion and love for any mother who gives up her baby. But oh how my heart aches for a 12 year old who lives in an orphanage with her tiny baby, outcasts from their home.

As I looked at the pictures of those kids I tried to imagine what would have happened if Claudia had been transferred there like they told us she would. The Lord protected her and she is still at Eagle's Nest. That spark of life that is in her would be so quickly burnt out if she was moved somewhere like that. The Lord protected her and she is still at Eagle's Nest- PRAISE JESUS!

Our pastor preached a powerful sermon several weeks ago on suffering. He said that we are to approach all suffering in this fallen world as an opportunity for ministry. While I wish that we could just do away with suffering all together, there is so much room for service in the lives of hurting people.

Suffering, orphans, missions, Guatemala has all been heavy on my heart this week. I don't have answers, I don't have solutions. But the Lord has drawn me to my knees through it, and this is a beautiful thing.
Thank you, Guatemala girls, for going and loving on those precious ones.

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tomw said...

Thanks for reading our blog and praying for us!!! Yes, it is so hard to even ponder 147 million orphans. I am so overwhelmed and heavy-hearted after the week we spent in guatamala. Just praying through what God wants me to do with this new-found knowledge. Thank you for your precious heart and love for the orphans.