Thursday, June 23, 2011

16 years

These 2 brothers of mine are 16 years old today. Can you believe it?! I can't.

My earliest memories of childhood are during my mom's pregnancy with the boys. She was on bed rest for a lot of it, but it gave us some sweet mommy-daughter time before 2 little baby boys rocked my world. I remember feeling very frustrated when they first came home. Everybody came to see the little babies. Which I can't blame them- it's not their fault they were so darn cute. However, regardless of the decrease in attention, I was a very proud big sister.

We played Barbies and G.I. Joes for hours. Playmobile. House. (Can you tell they had an older sister?). I bossed them around like nobody's business and earned the nickname "Mommy Molly" or "Little Mother." I'm so sorry, brothers, for ruining that part of your childhood! Nobody needs 2 moms in their life!

As we got older, they found their own friends, and I found mine. Our time together was limited, and I really did miss them. A couple summers ago, however, the Lord did a huge work in our family. And that was the summer that my brothers and I became friends. :)

When I left for school, I truly missed them so much. Occasional texts, facebook, and phone calls occur but it's just not the same. Now, they're going to climb into a car for the first time by themselves and drive down the street with license in hand- and I don't get to see it! But I couldn't be more proud of these 2 boys.

Happy birthday, Noah. You have become such a sweet, gentle, and caring young man. You've gone from being the little one in the family to leaving me as the shortest! Your mind and heart have grown right along with your height. Your motivation for school is so encouraging to see, and I promise that it will take you far. Your sharp mind and aptitude for fixing things with patience is going to be used by God. You're going to love college, and you'll find just the right place in His timing. Some lucky girl is going to fall in love with your quick heart of service and attentiveness. Thank you for making me feel loved and welcome when I'm home. Thank you for bringing so much laughter and joy to our family. Your 16th year is a special one, a year with a lot of independence and freedom. Stay close to Jesus, and let Him grow you even more into the man He wants you to be. I love you so much, lil' bro. Happy birthday!
To my dearest Caleb. I love your name, by the way. Did I ever tell you that? As I've watched you tower over me this past year, I have seen a strength develop in you. I feel so safe standing next to you, and I can only imagine what you will be for your family some day in the future. But for now, those strong muscles are working so hard. I'm so proud of you! You are doing just as the Lord called man to do- to move the soil and be productive. Work can be done in joy- and you have allowed God to tune your heart to that attitude. Your sensitive spirit has always been such an incredible aspect of who you are. Continue to be sensitive, Caleb. Be sensitive to the Spirit, keep your heart so soft towards others. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has for your future, brother. He has GREAT plans for you. It will be such a delight to gather together in the future (just like Dad does with Diane and Steve) and see all that the Lord is doing in each of our lives. May your 16th birthday mark the beginning of a year of growth, hope, and service as you press on after our God. I love you so much!

So from across the ocean, happy birthday to the twins who make our family complete :) Cumpleanos feliz!

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julie t said...

This is soooo precious. What words of adoration and affirmation, spoken from one who loves them well ! What a blessing.
And it reminds me of confession I should just make right now. I do remember the days well when they were itsy bitsy babies in their bassinettes, and I loved bein able to come over and watch them, hold them, etc. One day when I got your mom to go back and nap while I was there (and ONLY the LORD knows how I ever accomplished gettin the Energizer bunny to do that !) you woke up from your nap before mom did, and so I gave you a snack and your sippy cup (which I'd been told was fine to do/ you could have it in living room, anywhere, etc ) so I proceeded to bring you in Liv rm w/ me and the boys, and you walked all over with that thing, but... dribbling milk everywhere you went, so I followed you around, trying to catch it, wondering why it was that Kat said we could have this in Liv Rm. Well...I realized later, there was this fancy little "insert" in top of cup lid that prevents any spilling/dripping, and I'd not inserted it in cup prior to giving it to you. I'm not sure WHY I didn't know that, but the story I'm stickin to, is that they
"came out with those" btwn the yr I had Spence and your birth therefore , I "didn't know " about them. And, by way of redemption, while I may have messed that up, I Could tell the boys apart better than your own daddy could, just saying !